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spanish for dick. Also is a kind of bird.... but not in this context
Cómeme la polla. Eat (suck) my dick
by Picrico August 09, 2004
spanish for sucker. Also can be used the superlative mamonazo but then turns into a positive meaning between friends.
That guy is a sucker, he's always trying not to work.
Ese tío es un mamón, siempre anda intentando no trabajar.
by Picrico August 09, 2004
In spanish, like mamon sucker but used oftenly ina possitive way
¿Pero donde te habias escondido todo este tiempo mamonazo? Vamos a tomar unas cervezas!!!!
But where the hell were you hidden in all this time mamonazo? Come on, lets take some beers
by Picrico August 09, 2004
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