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6 definitions by Pickleton

A popular anime that takes place in a world of magic. In order to return home to Earth, the 3 hapless heroes - Junpei the martial artist, Ritsuko the gun-packing tomboy, and Airis the famous actress - along with a tank and an elf high priestess travel around the world looking for fragments of a spell that were placed on 5 random elven females. It falls upon them to strip every last female elf in the land to be able to return home!
Elven Females: "EEEK! It's those who hunt elves!"
Junpei: "Forgive me for stripping you!"
*Strips the lot of em*
by Pickleton July 31, 2006
Feels as long and drawn out as taking a cheese-grater to your testicles. Even if it's not for a very long time, the mind wishes it would be over with quickly.
Playing some RPG's is like reading a good book except that at the end of each page/chapter, you have to take a cheese-grater to your nuts for several hours (ie: leveling up).
by Pickleton August 29, 2003
An erotic act consisting of a woman shaving off all of her body hair and having sushi/raw fish decorate her body. The sushi is then eaten off by another person or more people.
by Pickleton August 29, 2003
A show with the proportionatly worst animation when you consider
what year it is. The music is also reminiscent of early 80's
European techno.
I watched Initial-D and I had to baptize my eyes and ears afterwards.
by Pickleton September 05, 2003
The most retarded anime ever to be spawned. People that watch
this show are those DDR losers that think that owning/wanting
a fast car and listening to wannabe 80's techno makes you cool.
I watched the Initial-D series and in every episode hoped that the
fish-lipped losers would all fall over the side of the mountain and
die, then I could've at least seen something worth looking at.
by Pickleton September 05, 2003
A show that repeats the same barely-existing storyline over and over again. People with the power to destroy a planet with a finger get hurt by a rock hitting them in the face, but a super-punch to the face and they're fine. A masterpiece of grunting and pointless 30-episode fights.
Whenever I see someone wearing a DragonBall Z T-shirt, I want to kick their teeth in.
by Pickleton August 29, 2003