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An Asian girl who exclusively dates black men.
Damn, first Jamal, then Nathan, now Martin. That Kimiko is one deep-fried won-ton.
by Piancer October 02, 2007
A less common variant of the wonton variations. Others include the wonton hot-dog and the deep fried wonton.
An interacial couple consisting of an Asian female and a Hispanic male.
Holy Cow, Mei Ling surprised everybody when she said her boyfriend's name is Miguel. Ah...the elusive wonton-taco.
by Piancer October 01, 2007
That rare couple consisting of one East-Asian person and one South-Asian person.
Kumar and An Lam are so cute together, ya hardly ever see wonton-curry.
by Piancer October 02, 2007
Asian female, Caucasian male. The most common interacial couple in America today.
At the bar last night, I found out from James and Jenny that Ka and I aren't the only ones who count the other wonton-hot dogs we see in public.
by Piancer October 01, 2007

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