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Stolen vehicle
Im on parole man im not rollin that "hot model"
by Phuckdis June 28, 2003
Go another way.
I don't want any thing to do with it/or you.
get to steppin
kick rocks
Staehnke: Hey yo Shocker whats up with letting me use your car.
Shocker: Missme pal
by Phuckdis June 27, 2003
Law Enforcement.
Nosy people that seem to be taking an interest in your activities.
People that are stepping out of their own business.
Damn man! Whats up wit all da lookyluuz.
Hurry up man, theres a lot of lookyluz out tonight.

I aint parkin next to the lookyluuz station.
by Phuckdis June 27, 2003
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