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3 definitions by Philly Hockey Player

Blue Blood White Trash. Descendants of blue blood families with none of the money or class of their forefathers. All they have is the name.
The Rockefellers, most of them BBWT, threw a huge family gathering, got drunk and trashed the church hall that they rented for the occasions.
by Philly Hockey Player November 26, 2010
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Looking for good finds in other people's trash. Similar to prospecting.
I spend most weekends trashpecting and dumpster diving looking for good stuff to bring home.
by Philly Hockey Player December 19, 2010
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DMDD - Dead Man's Dumpster Diving
My next neighbor died a few weeks ago, so workers are cleaning out his house, throwing a lot of good stuff into a dumpster in his driveway. I've been making numerous clandestine (so my wife doesn't know) Dead Man's Dumpster Diving visits to get some nice things out of the dumpster.
by Philly Hockey Player December 19, 2010
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