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5 definitions by Philip J

Infamous line yelled out by one, Wayne Brady on the April 14th episode of Chapelle's Show, shocking old white people everywhere
"I'm Wayne Brady Bitch!!!"
"If you do not smoke this nigga, we have a problem"
by Philip J April 24, 2004
69 6
slang term used mostly by young black males and wanksta-ass crackas- used by such notable characters as Will Smith, on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Theo, on The Cosby Show, Eddie Murphy all the time, P-diddy, Snoop Dizzle...etc
Hey Man, why you do dat?
Whoa, how you do dat?
Why you gotta be like dat, man?
by Philip J May 24, 2004
7 12
Someone who is never going to get laid in his life other than by stretching his penis into his anus
"Scott is a chomosexual"
by Philip J February 13, 2003
3 23
an interjection usually preceding a greeting or farewell. Invented by a small boy in Minnesota.
"Jiffy what up"
"Jiffy hey hey"
"Jiffy see you later"
by Philip J April 24, 2004
2 26
An Annoying game crated by some megaconglomerate Will Sumfinoranother, I like to kill these little artificial beings!
"I burnt my sims to death in a kitchen fire, Shudnt have FUCKED my girlfriend while I was watching TV in the next room with my best mate on the mechanical BULL!"
by Philip J February 14, 2003
33 149