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a sex toy for men. there are four parts: a sturdy plastic case shaped like a flashlight, an end cap to control suction, a lid to close the fleshlight when not in use and the insert itself. the insert feels like those gooey toy things that stick to surfaces and come in 25 cent bulk vending machines.
Whore: hey stud, $50 for a blowjob and some anal
Man: fuck off bitch, I have my fleshlight!
by Phil the Pill August 31, 2006
a good show akin to rocko's modern life. it ran from 1991-1994. some assholes at night canceled rocko's modern life and revived rugrats to fill it's timeslot. the new rugrats was horrible. it was now geared completely to little tweens and consisted entirely of potty jokes.
tonight on the rugrats

tommy: hey angelica, what's that?
angelica: it's called my pussy. only girls have them.
tommy: can I have a taste?
by Phil the Pill September 06, 2006
someone who does not believe in any gods. there are two kinds of atheists: strong atheists believe that the existence of gods are impossible, weak atheists (called agnostics) don't believe in god, but would start believing in him if he were proven true.

atheists usually come in two flavors: atheists who don't believe in god based on science, evolution, the big bang, humanism, skepticism and logic. the second group, unfortunately, are goths and vampires who don't believe in god because it's "alternative" and "anti-establishment".
Atheist: Gods are a logic fallacy
by Phil the Pill September 05, 2006
a sexual attraction to asian females by white males. contrary to public opinion, there is nothing racist or wrong with this as it is an example of outbreeding behavior.
Rice King: damn, I just played a japanese video game with asian girls wearing skimpy costumes and I need to masturbate to satisfy my asian fetish!
by Phil the Pill September 05, 2006
a cable channel that, despite it's name, has nothing to do with science fiction.
the sci-fi channel consists of only stuff like psychics and LOST.
by Phil the Pill September 08, 2006
the opposite of inbreeding. outbreeding is a process of evolution. genetically different mates will produce offspring that inherits both parents' genes and is thus an advantage to offspring.
Cletus, the baptist hillbilly neocon: i done fucked my sis!
Phil: gross. your kids are probably going to die with both sets of the same genes.
Cletus: that's a liberal elite lie! everybody knows genes and outbreeding don't exist!
by Phil the Pill September 05, 2006
what some retards believe is real. the same people that believe in a liberal elite also believe in black helicopters, illuminati, the da vinci code, aliens, creationism and bigfoot.
Art Bell: tonight on coast to coast am, wel'll talk about the liberal elite. also, george washington, was he bigfoot reincarnated and did he plan for the american government to be a puppet for martians?
by Phil the Pill September 06, 2006

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