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When shit comes out instead of a fart... This can have rather disasterous concequences...
"Dude, we gotta go!"

"Why man? Jordan started hitting on me!"

"Coz I just sharted!!!"
by Phil MiHole March 03, 2004
A muke is an insult that can mean almost anything, which is good when you are insulting dumb shits!!!
Yo, Andy!!! Your a fucking muke!!!
by Phil MiHole March 02, 2004
1. (adj) A way to describe life when it is totally crap and shit

2. (adj) A way in which to describe an object in general
1. My life is so crap, it's shitified

2. Your car is shitified!!!
by Phil MiHole March 02, 2004
Shiznel is the process of engaging in a 69 whilst in a bush
God, did you hear? Andrew had a shiznel in the bush with Hitesh!!!
by Phil MiHole March 02, 2004
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