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A shortened version of the insult "penis up anus" which is used as a greeting.
Jonny: Penis anus.
Jimmy: Hi Jonny.
by Phil January 16, 2004
Retired Gangster that plays football.
by PHiL May 30, 2003
some lameass that can only play ball against people 8 years younger and thinks hes the king...
chuco ur not tight at ball, maybe on the xbox
by PHiL May 30, 2003
Definition one: a large penis
The squirrel had a large Jagon.
by Phil March 23, 2004
A large lumbering, snowman-like creature with no real skill-building potential. Has no ability to consume alcoholic substances. Usually found around gay bars and hockey teams' substitute benches.
Christoher Negus - you are such a negus
by Phil February 03, 2005
to shoot someone in a game
i tatted yo ass at halo biatch
by phil May 05, 2004
When something bad or irritating has happened to you, by a mistake of yourself or some other incompetent fool.
*Knocks over paint on to new carpet/cat*
"Ah Fuckery"

*Knocks over a coat rack in a shop"
"Fucking, Fuckery"
by Phil December 20, 2003

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