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some lameass that can only play ball against people 8 years younger and thinks hes the king...
chuco ur not tight at ball, maybe on the xbox
by PHiL May 30, 2003
KB really means Kind Bud it's used to describe sensimilla or seedless weed that should usually be soft, green, sticky, and contain orange or red hairs and or crystals. This term is used if the chronic you find is usually the same type of high grade weed. If you don't have any Purple Haze or Blueberry in the area and all you're used to is regular Chronic it's called KB.
"Hey what's up you tryna get a dub/gram of some killa KB?"


"Aight that's $20"
by Phil February 27, 2005
When something bad or irritating has happened to you, by a mistake of yourself or some other incompetent fool.
*Knocks over paint on to new carpet/cat*
"Ah Fuckery"

*Knocks over a coat rack in a shop"
"Fucking, Fuckery"
by Phil December 20, 2003
A large lumbering, snowman-like creature with no real skill-building potential. Has no ability to consume alcoholic substances. Usually found around gay bars and hockey teams' substitute benches.
Christoher Negus - you are such a negus
by Phil February 03, 2005
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