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A saying that describes being happy and dancing like you have the eye condition "Strabismus". You dance like your knees and arms are crazy and your head bobs VIOLENTLY and RANDOMLY.
You may choose to grind like you are sexually aroused.
Person 1: I just counted how many people are here. We is Jamming Mutherfuker!
Person 2: FRANK IT UP!
Person 1: Ohhhhhhhhhhh Frrrraaaank,......
Person 1: I think my neck is broken
Person 2: You got Franked!
by PheeeDizzle June 22, 2009
A word that is screamed in the heat of the moment.

As you punch Emril in the face, you'll say "BLAM"!.

As you orgasm on the clown that you have tied in your trunk, you'll scream, "BLAM!"

As Frank is on your shoulders and you toss him 45 Km, he will scream BLAM! and ejaculate at the same time. You will then FRANK IT UP!
by PheeeDizzle June 22, 2009
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