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When a guy is doin a lass from behind, and he takes it out and spits on her back, so that when she turns round he can unload into her face

See phantom
He jus gev her a Philly Fake Out!!
by Phantomtek June 04, 2005
South Yorkshire slang for 'right' in the context of confirming an order or otherwise. Is mainly used in Sheffield and Barnsley too, and should be pronounced as to rhyme with 'eight'
'Reight thars haddit now'
'Alreight al do that'
by Phantomtek June 06, 2005
Chandlers mix of 'fried' and 'chicken' to create a quick and easy mix for 'fried chicken'.

Simple as!
Chandler - 'Does anyone want any fricken?'

Monica - 'Will you shut up?'
by Phantomtek June 06, 2005
A codename for a Pakistani male or other ethnic minority. Is used by caucasian males in my circle of friends, to save arguements.
Joe - ' Ere look Chris theres a pakarana! '

Chris - ' Yeah lets shoot him '
by Phantomtek June 06, 2005
Music that is fast and full of bass, originated in Leeds, although it a spanish name, probably meaning 'crazy house' or 'mad house'. Usually remixes of chart songs with repeated beats that jus get annoying after a while, the kind of music a chav listens to all the time, blasting it out from their 'blinged' up novas or council houses while they sit outside drinkin stella and thinking they own England.

Silly bastards.

Same as B-line, niche, phat fingaz, boiler house and all the other shite those tossers listen to.
'Ere stik sum casalocos on bee-fore a nock y'aht! u wot nobhed iz u gettin hard al batter ya wen me mates get here just you wait!'
by Phantomtek June 08, 2005
A derogatory word thought of by me, used to diss other people. Someone has probably said it before, but there ya go.
'Shutup ya bumchew'
'John is a bumchew'
by Phantomtek March 21, 2005
Probably one of the best sites going, where useful slang can be looked up, and has probably saved a life or two. It is let down by soppy American arseholes that use it to tell their girlfwend or boyfwend that they 'wuv wuv wuv em'. Get a grip, and a life and stop ruining a good site
' Blah Blah Blah nice body blah blah wuv wuv wuv uuu blah blah blah BOOM'
by Phantomtek June 06, 2005

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