4 definitions by PhantomLover007

God rest his/her soul
It's been 3 yrs since my friend passed away. I miss her alot. GRHS..
by PhantomLover007 January 01, 2012
What a dog (generally a Shih-Tzu) will do after eating or drinking. It involves them putting their face on a carpet and pushing themselves forward with their back feet at the same time. May be a way for them to clean themselves up.
My dog just ate a big meal and now he's face dozing across the living room floor.
by PhantomLover007 November 07, 2011
When you keep posting pictures or commenting about the winning candidate who you happened to vote for in an election. The reverse of political whining.
He keeps posting about his candidate winning. So tired of the political gloating. They won, it's done, get on w/ life.
by PhantomLover007 November 07, 2012
Nickname in the South for Mad Dog 20/20.
Gonna get me a bottle of brick to chill w/ tonight.
by PhantomLover007 November 05, 2012

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