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My mom's home country.

The Philippines was discovered by Magellan in the late 1500s for King Philop of Spain, until Magellan wore out his welcome in the Philippines and got his ass cut off and died from the natives. The Philippines is really named after the king of Spain, was also colonized by Spain at one time then later it was taken over by the Americans. Then during World War II the Japanese took control. The Philippines is also the only nation in most of Asia to be Chirstain and have a mix of many different types of cultures. The Philippines is also known to be the "Peral of the Orient."

A place I want to visit someday as soon as this War on Terrorism is over.
"My country Philippines is kickass so back off you damn Spanard!"
by phantom5 July 03, 2005
The best movie made in Japan by Hayao Miyazaki, that shows off a little of Asian pride.

A Japanese movie about sterotyping Americans.
I've been spirited away to reading anima.
by phantom5 February 13, 2005
One of four of the theme parks in Walt Disney World Resort, in Orlando, Florida. Sadly one one of Walt Disney's park he could never see after his death in 1966. The Magic Kingdom opened five years later in 1971 after Walt's passing. Other parks in Walt Disney World like Magic Kingdom are Epcot, MGM Studios, and Animal Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom was also home to Cinderella's Castle the pride and joy of the park. Tha Magic Kingdom is also the most crowded park in Walt Disney World and has 7 themed lands.

The best theme park I've been too.

Where I want go on my summer vactions.

A paradise where I can forgot HELL aka school and study and be happy and can never be sad.
"This place makes Six Flags look like the 3rd World."
by phantom5 July 30, 2005
1.A type of robot used for entertainment, demos, etc, and looks like a real living being also known as Audio-Animatronic in Walt Disney's term.

2.A robot used for shows at Disneyland, Chuck E.Cheese, Showbiz, and other various theme parks and restaurants.

3.What almost killed a guest in a theme park in the movie West World with Yul Brynner.
Oh my dear Lord the Animatronics will take over the world, help!
by phantom5 February 23, 2005
The Conflict in the Beattle's Yellow Submarin
Choca canga and the wota sam rara in the BLUE MEANIE's
by phantom5 December 31, 2004
Sadly a few of the only African American Jedis and is also three of the only black characters on Star Wars. Was killed by Klan Palpatine and Anakin Skywalker. Also see Lando Calrissian&Darth Vader
"Where is a brother when you need him!"
by phantom5 May 27, 2005
One of the best theme park rides I have been on and a great movie with Eddie Murphy.

What almost caused me to fall the 8th grade.
The Haunted Mansion is really a great movie and ride, so f**k anyone who deneys.
by phantom5 February 23, 2005

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