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The act of dropping a deuce so large that it fills the entire bowl.
Man, I just poopulated that toilet something fierce, really, it was so big I thought I might name it for future reference.
#poop #turd #deuce #toilet #populate
by Petrodono November 04, 2005
Making liberal use of vibrators, dildos, anal beads and other sexual devices to make a woman come to orgasm. Used by women in place of a partner, or by a man to a woman because he is too lazy, too stupid or too selfish to do it himself.
Sally wouldn't let me bone her until she came, but thank God for mechanical advantage, eh?
#vibrator #dildo #anal beads #orgasm #fucking
by Petrodono November 04, 2005
Another of the thousands of euphemisms that describe male masterbation. The term comes from the act of loading a catapult like medieval weapon called a trebuchet which used counterweights, and mechanical advantage to hurl things long distances.
Sally caught Dave loading the trebuchet to a Britney Spears music video and immediately dumped him.
#masterbation #trebuchet #medieval #catapult #rubbing one out
by Petrodono November 04, 2005
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