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The coolest gryphon in the world that has textbook soccer skills and is a forward for the French national team.
"Dude, Gryphon Henry is the man!"
"I know trill!"
by Peter Jenks April 09, 2005
Verb: to roll out, peace out, get the fuck out, an exclamation of the following, or the Roman House of Representatives, always accompanied by the international roll out hand gesture
"Dude, do you want to roll out to the UC?"
"Yeah, trill, commitium!"

"Hey I banged your sister last night!"
by Peter Jenks April 10, 2005
Official mascot of Pompeii State University.
"Wow, Vesuvi is awesome!"
"I know, he totally beats all the other Roman mascots!"
"Hey tremors!"
"Give me a pyroclastic surge!"
by Peter Jenks April 09, 2005
A piece of shit Benz that has crappy fake wood interior trim and corners like a Mack truck. Drivers of these cars think they, along with their car, are amazing. When it comes down to it, better cars like Audis and Infinitis, along with their respective owners, simply kick their ass.
"Hey, wanna give me a blowjob because I drive a c320?"
"Hell no. Real men drive Audis and Infinitis because they don't buy their cars for the brand. They buy them for their performance. And THAT is why I'll blow them instead."
by Peter Jenks April 09, 2005

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