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An anorexic and sometimes toothless prostitute who is really into buying new clothes and doesn't want to spend any more hoe doe than absolutely needed on food, therefore, said hoe is extremely proficient at giving very fast yet majorly cum-blasting blowjobs to as many guys as possible, and tries to fill up on said cum.
Lyla is not very pretty, but she is a super cumpire. She'll suck off the entire football team in less than a half an hour and swallow every single drop of cum!
by Peter Crammer May 25, 2006
One of the BEATLES and a solo artist as well.
0 ({ 8 > O )

John Lennon singing in the Heavenly choir.
by Peter Crammer December 27, 2006
(1) In prison, one's bitch.

(2) In the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE films, Ethan Hunt's brother.
(1) Hey, Bubba, leave Mike Hunt alone! I don't mess with your bitches!

(2) TOM CRUISE (as Ethan Hunt): Where's Mike Hunt? He's my brother! If you don't tell me where he is, I'll blow your fucking head off!

(Confused foreigners argue about what Ethan is saying)
by Peter Crammer May 04, 2006
An "Early Bloomer" is a super sexy and horny, non-adult teenage chick, who must therefore be avoided by horny adult males at all cost!
"God damn, look at that sexy bitch!"

"She's an Early Bloomer dude. You better stay away from that shit, unless you feel like going to prison and getting butt raped a hundred times for one fun statuatory rape."

"Thanks for the tip Bro!"
by Peter Crammer November 21, 2006
A very inexpensive prostitute.
Katy let me fuck her in the ass for $15. What a pumpernickel!
by Peter Crammer December 10, 2006
When 2 bruthas share a white chick.
Sally did the oreo with Kareem and Leroy.
by Peter Crammer May 02, 2006
When a 21 year old alcoholic man has an 18 year old alcholic girlfriend and he tells her that if she wants to get drunk she's gonna have to suck him off every half an hour and gulp down his half pint of dick liquor.
The only way Melissa could get drunk was by drinking Tom's dick liquor several times a day. Just before work, just after work, and just before sleeping were their favorite times.
by Peter Crammer May 25, 2006

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