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When a man squirts a quart of cum!
I gave that cumpire a squart an' she swallowed every drop!
#cumpire #author jack bozdog #author mike bozdog #author pat & kelly o'brian #author agnos morehead
by Peter Crammer August 07, 2006
An 18 or 19 year old. A teenage grown-up.
Larry: Godamn she's hot! Is she of age?

Jerry: Hell yeah; she's a teen-up bro'; go for it!
#1819 #adulteen #prime for poppin' #ripe cherry #sweet cherry
by Peter Crammer May 26, 2006
An extremely inexpensive prostitue.
Oh my god! That Melissa chick down the street sucked the cum right outta me last night for just $5. What a quarterpounder!
#2 bit whore #crack whore #penny slut #slut machine #quarter cunt.
by Peter Crammer May 26, 2006
Facing your woman, both of you naked, take both of your hands, grab both of her nipples with all of your fingertips, and tickle her nips.
If I ever meet Pam Anderson, I'm gonna ask her if she wants to see me Etch-A-Sketch.
#nip-n-tick #tune the radio #picking berries #blind man's delight #safe cracker's warm up
by Peter Crammer May 04, 2006
A very expensive call girl.
I looked up "escort" in the yellow pages because I wanted to lease a Ford, but I ended up with a Lisa Cunt instead. I had her all Memorial weekend, and it sure was memorialable! Especially with those memory glands of hers. I hope Lita Ford's mom won't be pissed.
#high class whore #call girl #escort #lisa ford #hire-her
by Peter Crammer May 26, 2006
(1) Male ejaculate.

(2) The milk jugs as they jiggle,
while the booty does it's wiggle.
Hey, Baby! You want a large fry to go with that Milk Shake?
#1: man cream #spitting cobra #fun gun 2: tit-elation #chamelion eyes #udderly ridiculous
by Peter Crammer May 04, 2006
A super well-endowed man, and/or autofellatio.
I have gym with Big John, so my sister asked me if he was a Nantuckian. And I said, "Well, it hangs below his towel".
#john holmes #dirk diggler #self-serve #self-service #self-serving
by Peter Crammer May 02, 2006
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