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Someone who is sexually inexperienced and awkward in sexual situations.
"Last night i was at the bar and this Rusty Tumbler wouldn't leave me alone!"
"Oh Yeah? Well your girlfriend said your a Rusty Tumbler."
by PeteMerrill May 03, 2009
When you use Imdb to search for a movie or tv show and want to tell someone how you found all your information on it.
"I just imdbied the new transformers movie, and it looked great!"
by PeteMerrill May 08, 2009
A man with a very small penis.
"look at that guy's baby dick! He's got a wincher!"
by PeteMerrill May 21, 2009
A Pussy Plugger is a female version of a Cock Blocker
"Stop being a pussy plugger! I need to get my groove on!"
by PeteMerrill June 25, 2009
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