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When your computer catches a virus as the result of having cyber sex with a stranger online.
Damn man, I got a cyber disease while I.M.-ing S3xK1tt3n69
by Pete "Meat" November 26, 2007
When you smack someone with both hands at once, one on each side of the face, in a smothering motion. Is a huge insult to someone as it makes them look like an idiot, especially if they lose their breath and gasp.
Dude! did you see Charlie Bucket smiggle Willy Wonka!? That was nuts!
by Pete "Meat" November 20, 2007
When someone needs to make diarrhea and accidentally farts, spewing some out into their undies, thus burning a hole in them.
Damn dude, I never want to have another acid fart again
by Pete "Meat" November 19, 2007
A whiny little bitch feeling sorry for themselves, hates the government (with a passion), wears retartedly tight clothes, especially pants and often wears a ridiculous amount of checkered stuff. (Dont forget the half-bleached hair). They serve no purpose and should all be sent to a remote isolated island so they can cry and cut themselves to Fall Out Boy, Panic? At The Disco and My Chemical Romance (among others). Usually will never admit being emo and will become increadibly defensive and occasionally violent when called emo (usually embarassing themselves because they have a blood loss due to too much cutting).
Wow, Richard is so emo, have you seen the words "Fall Out Boy" that he cut into his arm?
by Pete "Meat" November 19, 2007
(Sexual position)- When there is a man and a woman naked on a bed the man jumps on the womans back and punches her in the left side of the head until she either loses consciousness or begins to bleed profusely. This resembles the defeating of Grendall in the story.
Dude, I went Beowulf on Jennifer last night, and she has never been more pleased!
by Pete "Meat" November 19, 2007

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