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8 definitions by Performaman

Total Bullshit
That's a load of Fox News
by Performaman November 03, 2003
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1. The name of a (ugly) hotel in Washington, DC.
2. Used to refer to the events following the discovery of the break in of the Democratic headquarters in the Watergate hotel complex by operatives of the White House that lead to the resignation of President Nixon.
3. Used to refer to a political scandal.
1. I'm staying at the Watergate.
2. After Watergate, people lost trust in the goverment.
3. Clinton had another Watergate on his hands with the Lewenski scandal.
by Performaman December 05, 2003
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Another (usu. derogatory) name for the Windows CE series of operating systems for Handheld Computers from Microsoft.
I just nuked Wince on my iPaq and installed Linux!
by Performaman November 03, 2003
30 23
Derrogatory name for Windows 1,2,3,3.1,95,98 and ME. Used to denote the fact that the above operating systems were based on MS-DOS
Dude, you're still running WinDOS 95?
by Performaman November 02, 2003
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One who is a criminal mastermind with strong dislike of the United States.
That bin Laden is such an Ossama
by Performaman November 03, 2003
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Short for Mohammed Sayeed-al-Sahaf, former Iraqi Minister of information.
Did you see MSS on CNN? What an idiot!
by Performaman November 03, 2003
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One who does not admit defeat even though they have been beaten; used usu. in a derrogatory sense.
From Slobodon Milosovic, Serbian Leader who did not concede defeat in an election even after he had been declared the looser.
Al Gore was such a slobo.
by Performaman November 03, 2003
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