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Something that is yummy and spectaucular. Can only be said by valley girls and incredibly gay men.
Jeana: How was that fuzzy navel?

Tini: Yumtacular!
by Pepsi X-treme July 09, 2005
When somebody stalks you through AIM. They continue to IM you despite blocking and any other meausres you take. The e-stalker continually changes the screen name or e-mail adress so they can continue to harass you. Usually occurs when an e-lationship goes wrong
After I broke up with Lydia, she began to e-stalk me
by Pepsi X-treme July 09, 2005
A newer, weirder way to say that somebody has their head up their ass. It's dead now because it was on the OC.
Dude, you're an asshat.
by Pepsi X-treme June 24, 2005
verb: to carry far too many objects than one can handle from one room to the other.
Named after TV chef, Rachel Ray, who often akwardly carries too many ingredients and dishes to the counter.
You're gonna break something if you keep pulling a rachel
by Pepsi X-Treme May 27, 2005
noun: A slang term to identify a fried. Such as dawg, bro, or cuz.
Bob: Nice Sandals.

Steve: Nice ass, citizen.
by Pepsi X-treme July 02, 2005
Noun: When somebody does or says something that is overly intense and macho, usually to a comical degree.
Etymology: Comes from the last name of the famous dirty harry star Clint eastwood.
Tommy: Nice shoes steve, I didnt know you could get high-tops in the castro district.

Peter: I don't know who you are or why you came to this town, but i want you gone punk... I reccomend you start packing heat, cause i'm comming for ya.

Ben: Dude, pete, what's with the eastwood?
by Pepsi X-treme July 09, 2005
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