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Bullshit labeling out Mexican immigrants in Arizona, cops now have permission to violate the constitutional rights of the Mexican population of the area. Reason this law was passed was because of the rise of crime from smugglers coming in, out, and around Mexico, many of which are from El Salvador and Columbia and even the USA. So Mexicans are the only ones taking advantage of Americans' hospitality, what about other immigrants, there are hundreds of thousands of Canadians living in the US without Green Cards, and no one notices, just and example.
sb1070: The Alvarez was deported for not having Green Cards on the day they were supposed to get tested for them but issed their time, one week later the cross the US-Mexico border to visit their family, the have their passport and it is up-to-date, but the father- Marcos matches the profile of a Salvadoran involed with an ms-13 drug trafficer, he gets deported after being sentenced to it because they didn't beleive he was a Mexican father of three because of his name.
by PepitoElRojoMan May 30, 2011
Taino- Once a peaceful tribe in the ]Carribean], mainly in Puerto Rico enslaved by the Spanish and French. It took less time for them to die than the African slaves because their rescources were either hanging right about them, or right under their noses so didnt have to work, therefore not being used to the harmful working conditions. They all died or were forced to marry Spanish and French men.

The Tainos were usually nudists, but covered with paint. They welcomed early visitors before they were enslaved in the 1200s, because those vistors came in peace- The Scandanavians and the British were beleived to have visited the Tainos. Taino culture is in the blood of all proud Puerto Ricans to this day.
Taino: who are those in their large ships?
Taino #2: Maybe they are more visitors coming in peace from the East.
Conquistador: Mira los Indios alli, que acemos con ello?
Conquistador #2: Vamos a esclavizar lo para nuestra colonia!
by PepitoElRojoMan May 30, 2011

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