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The person who runs a zoo house. This person is responsible for supplying the animals of the zoo house. The zoo keeper, will usually sell crack cocaine, and provide a place to smoke it.
They call me the zoo keeper. All the animals, predators, and prowlers; what ever you call em; I tame em. What ever you do in your life; don't fool around with crack, cause you will see the zoo keeper.
by Pental February 05, 2008
A place to purchase, and smoke, crack cocaine. The drug users that live there are called the animals of the zoo house. They live like animals, where they relive themselves in the same place they sleep. The zoo house is unclean, unsafe, and maybe be hazardous to your health. The zoo house is is run by the zoo keeper.
Stay away from the zoo house, or you will become one of the animals. Your life will be over, as you know it, if you vist the zoo house.
by Pental February 05, 2008
1) large breasts on a man, that point down, and often have hair growth underneath

2) male tits

3) male boobs

4) lobbers

Brian's shirt came off, exposing his loppers!
by Pental April 15, 2006
When a person goes out and plays bingo. They usually do this on a regular basis.
Bob asked me if I wanted to go bingoing. I told him my toe was hurting too bad.
by Pental December 22, 2007
A device used for smoking crack cocaine. Small glass tubes that come with a plastic flower or pen are often used. Other things like large sockets, antennas, or various metal pipes are also used.
"Let me see him hit the hooter. Show em how to hit the hooter!" - Crackheads Gone Wild
by Pental January 29, 2008

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