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2 definitions by Penis Face McGee

Somebody who has the last name of mcgee and has multiple penises growing out of their head, whether due to birth defects or exposure to illegally high levels of radiation.
Wow i hope my first kid doesnt turn out to be a penis face mcgee.
by Penis Face McGee December 30, 2005
Dudebrabroman is an exclamation that is used by surfers on tweak and under the influence of Mormons and their leader the Mormonator. (Just kidding about the mormons). It is a combination of dude, bra, bro, and man, all put together indicating the user's utter lack of intelligence and self control. People that use this phrase are generally incontinent and may shit themselves regurlarly.
Dudebrabroman! check it out, it's like... dude.... wait bra, Bro! what the fuck man! dudebrabroman, like dude, like crazy bro, hey man lets go hit up the broski dude... bra... cmon man, dude fucking shit fuck bitch cunt stick bitch swagger pussy lick fuck all hail the MORMONS!
by Penis Face McGee December 30, 2005