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2 definitions by Peg4se

Where everybody say "how do you do ?", "what's up ?" or "wazzaa", some good friends or gosu say "fouss ?"

The correct answer should be "keke !", but if you tell "fouss !" you've got it too.

The more "s" you add at the end of the word "fouss", the more you feel alright.
4ska did'nt see Peg4se for a while and ask : "fouss ??"
Peg4se answers : "keke !!"

Kaos said : "keke ?"
Peg4se answers : "foussssssss !"
by Peg4se October 04, 2004
2 25
G.O.S.U = God Of Starcraft Universe
that means people who's got high skill in the game "Starcraft" (RTS)

Nowaday, it is still used to tell how impressived, skilled is a player in every game (particuliarly in Warcraft III actually).

Gosu players have skill, but have respect for other players and have good manners too !
OMG, with only your warden and some units, you kill his 2 heros and his army ! You're a gosu !
by Peg4se October 03, 2004
50 75