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A state in New England, home of several famous sports teams, rich history, a great culture, as well as some bad stuff mixed in too. A common misconception is that everyone from Massachusetts is from Boston, and that Massachusetts is one big city. This is not the case however. On the quiet, western side of the state, it's mostly farms and small towns. There are some larger cities, though, such as Northampton and Springfield, but it isn't terrible populated. We in western Massachusetts are nothing like our eastern counterparts; we're better drivers, we speak normally, and basically everything opposite what you would think someone from Boston is like. Except for wicked, we do say wicked.
Person 1: Oh you'ah from Massachusetts? Can you pahk my cah in Haavahd yahd?

Me: Fuck you, I'm from Western Massachusetts.
by PeepeeTime January 21, 2013

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