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One of the biggest mysteries of mankind. An overused excuse for rejecting people especially immigrants for job applications in Canada.

The definition can be so confusing, but here are some of them:
1. Just arrive in Canada, or
2. Funny accent, or
3. No English, or
4. 'Too perfect' English, or
5. Smarter than any Canadians (over-qualified), or
6. Everything perfect, but he looks 'unCanadian', or
7. Combination of the above, or
8. Any other unknown random reason
He's lack of Canadian experience, I don't think we should hire him.
#canadian experience #canadian immigrants #immigration #canada #discrimination
by PeeeeWeeee August 04, 2010
A perfect source of low labour workers, such as janitors, waiters, taxi drivers, etc., that consists of highly educated workforce (masters and PhDs) who used to have good careers in their own country.

Pros: They are resistant to abuse and unpaid wages and they never complain. Companies love them because they can lower costs and increase their profit margins.

Cons: They don't speak English, and even though they do, they still don't have "Canadian Experience".
Why take such a low paying job? You act like one of those Canadian Immigrants!
#canadian experience #immigrant #low-paying jobs #unpaid wages #over-qualified
by PeeeeWeeee August 20, 2011
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