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Famous for their meaty balls, which they like to bring out for any guests on whatever occaision. Swedes are of a different genus as the rest of europe, which often lands them classified as "Animals" rather than human, a stereotype that is primarily caused by their massive drinking habits, with an ability to down unsurpassed amounts of hard liquor.

Swedes are often offered as a scapegoat for many of the worlds foremost issues, such as the sinking of the Vasa.

Swedes are fat, many are queer, oafs that live their lives looking forward to the Gay Pride festival in July in Stockholm.

Identifying a Swede
- Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes
- An unnatural sense of jealousy towards Norway
- Smell of alcohol on their breath
- Stench of failure
How is a swede similar to semen?
Only one in a million becomes something
by Pedro Palaguchi July 21, 2008
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