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A cuddle whore is someone who cuddles excessively.

Someone who cannot get enough of cuddling.

It is also a person who is a whore, but they would rather cuddle with you than have sex with you.
"OMG! She is such a cuddlewhore."

"I am a cuddlewhore. Wanna cuddle?"
by Pebbles April 09, 2005
A girl who wears tank tops, halter tops, itty bitty mini skirts, booty shorts, etc. when it's 45° or less outside.
Damn, look at that winter ho; it's about to snow and she has on some booty shorts.
by Pebbles March 02, 2005
1) n. a colorful ambush
2) v. to win through the use of extreme turkish wit
3) adj. Naturally able to navigate and kill efficiently through wrestling.
4) n. not chaos
5) v. To poo in a forest
"Did you see Thomas civan the shit outta Drake?"

"Dude I think we're really fucking lost. Are you sure you're civan enough to help us find our way home and pin those tigers?"
by Pebbles April 22, 2005
1)n. a tidal wave of fear
2)v. to engage in the act of freezing a man to death
3)v. to bench press a woman or a large amount of weight to the moon
4)n. a flashy entrance
"Holy shit! Josh just strongshot that asshole out of the solar system!"

"Britney's strongshot at the party left her friends jealous the entire night."
by Pebbles April 22, 2005
1)v. to drizzle in the afternoon
2)n. a tiny and cute black boy
3)adj. simply irresistable
4)n. a snare drum
Why the fuck would you ever search for the word drazzle?
by Pebbles April 22, 2005
1. (n.) The new name for Crestar Bank.
2. (n.) A violent change in the whether.
3. (v.) To underestimate a fly.
4. (n.) A rare sexual position in which the woman holds her ankles without her knees bent under water, and the man floats above her on a raft while drinking champagne and crying.
Roger! Can you believe Crestar changed their name to Suntrust!?

Rick Swanson's such a fuckin jerk. Did you see him do a suntrust with Sally at the Kenwood pool last wednesday?
by Pebbles May 09, 2005

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