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1 /adj/ Describing a person or thing descending from the country Brazil
2 /adj/ or /noun/ Depilatory technique derived in Brazil whereby all peri-anal and peri-vaginal pubic hair is removed, aside from a small inverted triangle superior to the vagina. This greatly enhances cunnilingus, as no hairs are unwittingly caught between the teeth.
I wish real women had brazilians, not just porn stars.

Hell, she's so hot I'd go down on her even if she didn't have a brazilian!
by Paulio Twentythree January 16, 2004
1 /noun/ The Windows(TM) command shell. An outdated computer interface, surpassed by bash, tcsh, ksd, csh, zsh, and even sh.
I was on a windows machine, and all I had to use was cmd! What a waste of time...
by Paulio Twentythree January 16, 2004

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