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Any white male that lives in the suburbs, that believes he is from the hood and has just as much street cred as any gangsta. May be caused from watching excessive rap videos on youtube and mtv. Characterized by wearing NFL jerseys, bling, and saying phrases such as "Ballin'", "What it do?" and "Fo shizzle". Can be cured through therapy or listening to country music. Coined by white rapper John Brown of "The White Rapper Show".
"I'm the King of the Burbs. I roll wit that pinot noir, that pinot grigio. that cous cous. we got them keg parties. You know what im sayin, thats that ghetto revival. Hallelujah, holla back."
by Paul Wall II February 09, 2007
A phrase that can be used to express extreme joy and happiness for a team win or as a team cheer before a game. Comes from the old "Thundercats" show from the 80s and 90s, that everyone watched.
"Yo, we got a 99 on our final project, Thundercats HO!"

"We must wreck this other team, now huddle up, 1-2-3 Thundercats HO!"
by Paul Wall II February 20, 2007
The ultimate form of crunkness, a level above anything before. Hard to achieve, usually through being completely hammered or high, and usually ending in some sort of felony and arrest. Formed from the words wylin'+ hyphy.
"Yo, that dawg was so wyphy, he set the club on fire, and got years in jail."
by Paul Wall II February 20, 2007
any person whose walk is the speed of an average man's run, yet still has natural steps. Scientists have yet to understand how they keep up speed for so long without running. May cause others in the group to jog in order to catch up. Made from speed + pedestrian
(pant, pant) Oh great, these fuckin spedestrians are killing me, I actually have to run to keep up with them. Damn.
by Paul Wall II February 23, 2007

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