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lot's of people discussing an issue.
Most people learn to mass debate at school
by paul February 08, 2005
A wet but beautiful place which is best shared with someone you love
A female's sexual organ
by Paul February 14, 2004
A car that old people own because it brings back good memories since the car has been around since '53, not because they want women. Not only owned by old people though. Also owned by young people with good sense of style and knows a good performing car when they see one.
by Paul September 25, 2003
One who gives the donkey fellatio for the main show.
Dr Bob Woods is a donkey fluffer.
by paul April 03, 2005
Something Men do. It isn't "gay" it isn't "stupid", it is life. And while all you basketball and football players are sitting on your butts during the off-season Wrestlers are still out there and wrestling nearly every night of the week.
by Paul May 13, 2004
Phat Farm

It is a clothing brand, est. in 1992. Phat Farm is a clothing lined aimed towards ppl in with the Hip-hop shit. Somewhat expensive to.
That dude has a nice Phat Farm shirt!

I would like to buy some Phat Farm shoes!
by Paul October 02, 2003
Lapit mga kaibigan at makinig kayo
Ako'y may dala-dalang, balita galing sa bayan ko
Nais kong ipamahagi ang mga kwento
Ang mga pangyayaring nagaganap
Sa lupang pinangako

if you kno wha this means, then your a flip...
wanna party? bring a flip to get tha party started!!
by Paul February 17, 2005

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