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dis to a Blood by a crip
Rap group Bloods and Crips said in song Crippin' Ain't Easy, "I'm killin' snoops in the worst way. Got my BK-47 and it's BK all day.
by Paul January 23, 2004
Technology company manufacturing computer processors and long, techincal-sounding names for the processors.
"Selected Dell PCs use Intel Core Duo 2 Centrino Mobile Extreme Edition processors. #Dum da duh da dum."
by Paul June 17, 2006
Wife Acceptance Factor
A 133" wide TV has a low WAF.
by Paul July 02, 2004
soon to be the new home of Howard Stern
When Howard Stern moves to Sirius satilite radio nothing will be the same
by Paul March 10, 2005
to give oral sex to a woman
He mucked my barn for 45 minutes last night.
Dude I was totally mucking her barn.
by Paul February 16, 2005
Chavs are cunts! It has to be said once and for all. They are the lowest scummiest form of life and Britain would be a better, less crime filled place without them. Also anyone who they see who isn't a chav is a grunger! That is fucking ridiculous!!!
I have long hair and i am a keen guitar player. That makes me a grunger according to chavs. Oh yeh, i also have been told i have a mullet, afro, i'm a hippi and i'm in the hair bear bunch...
Complete bunch of wankers!!!
by Paul January 17, 2004
A Great Place to Live and Raise a Family. Or so thats what they say. I say, A Great Place to Get in a Wreck Trying to Get Out of the Post Office. North Canton is a town straight out of the 50's, primarily because it hasn't changed since the 50's, except for that it has approxiamately 4329850275827 more stoplights. Residents of Greentown think they live here, but they don't.
Greentown resident: "I live in North Canton!"
North Canton resident: "No you don't. I do. You live with cows. I have a family and we have 2.4 children and 1.8 cars, one of which was hit when I pulled out of the post office."
by Paul June 19, 2004

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