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vain, but rightly so.
taken from the style of feenikz the nixus irc oper who is really z0mp
"Damn he is so sexy."
"yeah but also quite feen"
by Paul August 12, 2004
A person (usually a female) who intentionally goes out of their way to gross you out.
My girlfriend knew I wanted sex last night so she purposely didn't flush a huge green shit in the toilet. She knew that would turn me off, boy what a freakin nava.
by paul January 19, 2004
tight ass
A guy with stupid lines
A dumb ass white guy trying to get with the ugliest foes in the club. LOOK UP FOE.
Cuz why are u acting like selimi?
Your a selimi! Fool!
by Paul May 23, 2004
used instead of the word Sissy (dis to 60 crips). It's almost like saying, "F'n'" instead of fuckin'
Blood says, "You sissy." A 60 crip/60 crip allie would say, "don't say the issy word.
by paul October 15, 2004
Mookie is when you have a female that's like 8 months pregnant, and she dies. She's been dead for about 3 days, and you hit her in the stomach and you eat what comes out. The action is called Mookie.
The stuff they serve for dinner here looks kinda like mookie.
by paul May 06, 2005
Greatest band ever!
Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Beatles, Zepp... have nuthin on AIC.
by Paul April 02, 2004
Similar to the word FAN, however more derived from internet culture.
Hello faen!
by Paul November 15, 2003
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