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State in which is split between two metropolitan areas, especially when it comes to sports.
State that contains Mountains to the west, the Chesapeake bay in the middle, and Beach to the west.
State that has the Best crabs in the world, Maryland Blue Crab.
Maryland is a good place to be
by Paul April 06, 2004
BMW's highest model of a car, series 7. There was also BMW's series 8 but they stopped producing it.
Just listen to rap songs. every song has at least one 745 in it.
by paul October 05, 2003
Spanish word for garbage.
?Donde esta la basura?

Where is the garbage?
by paul April 06, 2005
To be very successful without trying. Basically to be a lucky cunt.
When someone flukes a pot in a game of pool the phrase 'you spawny git' would be appropriate.
by Paul December 04, 2003
no rematch
gg nubs. no re
by Paul December 17, 2003
beer mixed with lemonade or some other sweet carbonated beverage.
One part ginger-beer plus one part beer equals two parts shandy.
by Paul March 26, 2004
A Popular Football(Soccer) Player who once played for Manchester United, but now for Real Madrid
A well known Metrosexual
David Beckham is the one in red with the bun in his hair.
by Paul March 15, 2004

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