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One of the coolest characters ever to grace a stage. While not flashy or "quick", Adam is the most rock solid bass player this music fan has ever heard. God bless U2.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Adam Clayton!
by PatsR June 16, 2006
The New England Patriots have re-defined the term "Dynasty". The Patriots are the greatest Dynasty since the creation of organized sports. They are led by a coach who has a better playoff record than Vince Lombardi, Mr. Bill Belichick. The Vince Lombardi Trophy should by rights be re-named the "Bill Belichick Trophy". Thank You.
Steelers fan 1 "We play the New England Patriots this week".

Steelers fan 2 "Thats not good. They own us and they are the Greatest Dynasty since man swung from trees.

Steelers fan 1 "Yea, and Tom Brady doesnt ride a motorcycle without a helmet."

Steelers fan 2 "What kind of retard would?".

by PatsR June 17, 2006
The name of U2's second album. It is one of their many, many amazing studio creations.
October is U2's worst album, but it is better than all of the MTV rap hip hop shit that we see today.
by PatsR June 17, 2006

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