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9 definitions by Patrik

The best drink ever! Especially for gamers cause it contains a lot of caffeine. Just as much as a cup of coffee.
You look tired. Perhaps you need a jolt.
by Patrik August 01, 2004
84 20
It is a jedi that has turned to the dark side before or after the completion of his jedi-training. He can actually never become a true sith-lord.
Darth Vader Is a dark jedi, not a sith.
by Patrik August 01, 2004
22 17
a well know asskicker from the small town of Mönsterås, Sweden.
He is one of the wisest people on earth a.s.o
He also knows EVERYTHING about Star Wars that there is to know.
he loves kufa over everything else.
Hey! how'd ya know that? AAaahh you must be Puttemansland
by Patrik April 28, 2004
4 1
A local but rather famous synth/ebm-band from sweden.
Hey, It's Jävla Flinck!, they ROCK!
by Patrik August 01, 2004
12 11
Anyone you consider to be gay!
Your Such A Freaking JarBuckle!
by Patrik April 02, 2003
3 4
Wonderful creature that is often found running around Six Flags Magic Mountain.
Did you just see the monkey on X?
by Patrik April 02, 2003
2 13
I think it's pretty obvious! But for those of you that are retarded its the spot on a turd that is compressed when you are tired of pushing and take a little break.
That thing on you face!! Holy crap!! It looks like a "shit rinkle!!"
by Patrik April 25, 2003
2 15