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1.One who dazzles at night and in clubs.
2.An intoxicating, yet entertaining specimen. Widely championed beyond his/her time. Boosts morale among others simply by presence alone.
I miss being on the Norwegian Dream with the rest of the dirty dozen dazzlers
by Patrick Sherf March 21, 2007
A Toul is everything that a TOOL is and more. Jacob Rintoul Brown explains that he is a toul, and he uses his own toul for sexual purposes.
Brown says "I need to find a girl who can relieve my toul "
by Patrick Sherf January 05, 2004
1. Alpha Dabbler of the group. Instills high morale and energy to those around his presence.
2. Hardcore Spring-Breaker dabbling on every aspect of a vacation and brings those dabblings to every day life
3. See Dazzler
I was appointed Master Dabbler on our Spring Break trip and therefore earned an M.D. Degree shortly after
by Patrick Sherf March 21, 2007
The Captain of "Touls". A higher degree of a Toul, which can also be referred to as a tool.
The Toulbosa of the group is Clearly Rin Brown
by Patrick Sherf February 23, 2005
Appleknocker is a very old person, place, thing. An Artifact
1. Strom Thurman is an appleknocker
2. The Eqyptians are the most appleknocker civilization in the world
by Patrick Sherf January 05, 2004
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