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3 definitions by Patrick McCloskey

1) A way of describing an amazing girl who has changed your life in so many ways.

2) A synonym for someone you are incapable of not loving.

3) Magic....a lot of magic.
Wow, she's Karrie-ificent!

Is she Karrie-ificent, or is it just me?

Rubber Duckys need Karrie-ificent girls!
by Patrick McCloskey March 24, 2004
The act of making love to a bread product
Wow, he really flugaled that Buck Muffin

Who Flugaled my croissant?
by Patrick McCloskey March 23, 2004
A muffin of mysterious origin, most commonly located in the vicinity of a "Pork Fritter".
Can you Buck Fuck a Buck Muffin?

It depends on how long the Buck Muffin has been sitting out!
by Patrick McCloskey March 23, 2004