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TRAMP-HOUSING. Basically a place where tramps live bust in Spanish.
Patch: "Here's your spanish homework Charlotte. I left notes at the top to explain what some of the words are."
Charlotte: "sfe. LMFAO! Chambolista means Tramp-housing?"
Patch: "Well..yes, but I thought if I put YOUR HOUSE, you wouldn't see the resemblance"
Charlotte: "I see...oi MANSLAG!"
by patchpose April 07, 2009
Basically, the term for when someone is making love to their food with their mouth.

They can't get it in their mouth faster and when you see the way they're eating, you honestly can't control the laughter.
Student 1: "Could she show that hamburger anymore munchlove?"

Student 2: "No. She's an exchange student from America"
by PatchPose December 08, 2009
A person who looks like they are from every race in the world. Someone who takes a bit of each race (ie, black, chinese, indian, etc) and sticks it to themselves.
Patch: "I'm an 1/8th black I am"
Rhube: "That's why Patch is your nickname, cos you take bits of every race in the world and stick them on yourself."
Patch: "that's a crap comeback"
Rhube: "It's not a comeback...it's just FACT!"
by patchpose April 06, 2009

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