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3 definitions by Patadactel

Usually aa dumb ass black squirll who runs around and scrathces the hell out peoples nipples. The squirrl is relentless and will not stop until your nips are gone.
"Fuck that Squiggernips is on me bitch"
by patadactel October 30, 2009
5 1
When a guy finishes on a girls breasts then takes a massive diahra on them. The hot fudge sunday.
dude he hot fudge sundayed me last nighy
by patadactel November 04, 2009
7 5
when a guy cums into a girls cupped hand and she finishes by drinking the cum like a dixie cup.
Do you want a dixe cup?
i mean cuase if you want one ask shane
he will give you a Dixie cup
by Patadactel November 17, 2009
5 13