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A spot in the water where waves are large, easily caught, and overall primo. This phrase is mostly used by surfers in south Jersey, in particular, 'The Cove.'
Yo Brozeph, this spot is a wang jawn!

Sucks Broha, this rip-tide is pulling me away from that wang jawn.
by PatMas! May 29, 2007
To be lame, beat, or dressed poorly; The opposite of being "Krispy"
"BOI tell me how i look so krispy in my fresh famous stars and straps tee and you look soggy in that beat-ass wallmart jawn."
by PatMas! August 10, 2007
Hardcore slang for 'brother' or 'friend.' Believed to be origated by the FSU or Friends Stand United (a gang or hardcore kids centralized in Boston, Massachusetts.)
Yo brohaha, did you see Terror last week?

Ayo brohaha i didn't see you at the IcePick show?
by PatMas! August 21, 2007
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