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To be intoxicated with alcohol i.e. drunk. Shortening of cockney rhyming slang 'elephant's trunk'.
Cop that bog trotter, he's totally elephants!
by Pastor Kidneys December 20, 2007
Derogatory term for a total idiot or imbecile. Of Northern English origin.
George Bush? Total wazzark if you ask me...
by Pastor Kidneys December 19, 2007
To be drunk. English in origin, referring to WW2 fighter pilot who lost both legs in a plane crash and was thus rendered 'legless'.
What a night I had last night, mate - I got totally Douglas Badered!
by Pastor Kidneys December 20, 2007
Cockney rhyming slang for flared trousers re: 'flares' - shortening of the full phrase 'Lionel Blairs'.
Fuck me! Look at the size of the Lionels on that twat!
by Pastor Kidneys December 20, 2007
A small brained, remarkedly stupid, short sighted animal that lives its life by the mantra 'Cheap, cheap, cheap'.

Also a flightless bird in New Zealand.
Speak slowly mate, there's a Kiwi listening." Also "How do you get a drink out of a Kiwi? Put your fingers down his throat, coz he sure won't buy you one!
by Pastor Kidneys October 09, 2010
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