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Recognizing someone in real life that you have never met in person, but you have seen pictures of online.
I jpegcognized his wife at the restaurant because I saw their wedding pictures on Facebook.
by paschasc February 12, 2009
One is digging a hole, normally in the backyard, when one's significant other comes along and is accidently smacked in the head withe shovel.

The significant other falls in the hole and bleeds to death. One is obliged to fill in the hole, since it is a waste of time to dig another hole.
"Did you hear about Ned's horrible shovel accident? Maude never saw that shovel coming."

"Yeah, but she had it coming."
by PaschaSC May 18, 2007
One who is an unqualified, bat-shit crazy fundamentalist and holds a powerful position in government, corporation or institution.
That US Lawyer Monica Goodling is almost as sacary as Pat Robertson himself.
by PaschaSC April 16, 2007
The effect apparently caused by the tempered glass of car windows where a person will appear much more attractive than they do outside of their car.

Especially pronounced when wearing beer goggles!
Dood! Those chicks looked so hot when they were in their car, but when they got out at the gas station, they were brown-baggers!

Another case of tempered glasses.
by paschasc May 07, 2009
When a group of people all know the answer to a question individually, but none of them can remember while together. Usually resolved when the group dissolves.
Geez, when we were at dinner, group forget set in and nobody could remember who played Goose in Top Gun, but as soon as I got in the car, Eureka! It was Anthony Edwards!
by paschasc October 08, 2008
Acronym for Position of Head Disorder, related to cranial rectum inversion, but the specific disorder for those with advanced degrees.
Once Bob got his Ph.d., he fell ill with PHD when he shoved his head up his ass.
by PaschaSC June 04, 2007
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