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4 definitions by Parz

Great food.
Great people.
Great history.
Great sites.

Plus it's shaped like a boot. Cool.

Visit Italy.
Explode France.
French tourist 1: Italy isn't THAT great.

French tourist 2: But it says here that the Romans invented roads, organised armies, and modern civilization itself!

French tourist 1: They could never beat our Asterix, though!

French tourist 2: You're right, harh harh!!

*both sips wine and hop home*
by Parz July 27, 2006
335 118
Gives Chavs and Chavettes an excuse to breed excessively.
"Fuckin' c'mon, Katie, jus' one more o' these lil' bastards an' we can get on some fuckin' benefits!"
by Parz July 26, 2006
41 22
A tad dumber than the average dickhead.
"You dropped me hotdog, you bleedin' muppet!"
by Parz July 26, 2006
32 20
Italian plumber who spends most of his days jumping on turtles, walking mushrooms, saving princesses, eating spaghetti and such in a very amusing manner. This has made him a multi-millionaire and his own long running series of successful video games based on his life. He also coined the catchphrase "mamma mia!" Though it had been used by Abba, Don Corleone, and a legion of stereotypical italians before him. He can also jump 10 feet high, which is a supreme triumph for anyone with an ass as fat as his.
"Mamma mia, Donkey Kong, how wasa youa famous before a Mario!?"
by Parz July 27, 2006
76 74