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A girl that due to moral obligations will not fornicate vaginally until married, but to make up for this, she partakes in anal sex to substitute for vaginal companionship. Upon marriage, most butt sluts become normal upstanding citizens, but some maintain an anal preference.
You know that chick Dolores from accounting... she's a butt slut.... You'll either have to shoot for the brown star or marry that broad if you want to hit that.
by Party Crashers September 11, 2009
Really fat girls that adore Rascal Flatts. Known for squeezing into cowboy boots and flamboyant colored cowboy hats in sizes way too small of them. Often associated as being easy when intoxicated
The was not a lot of talent at Rascal Flatts' concert, just mostly Rascal Fats and gay dudes.
by Party Crashers August 22, 2009
You let a girl have sex with you while you are playing NHL 96 on Sega Genesis.
I flaked on going out with my friends last night and had NHL Ninetysex instead. It was awesome, I was the Hartford Whalers and beat the LA Kings while my girl was on top.
by Party Crashers August 22, 2009
A fat girl that would be flat chested if she were skinnier but has "tits" only because she is overweight. Based on her fatness, if she were a guy, the same "breasts" would appear. The Fat Chested girl is totally oblivious to the fact that she doesn't have actual "boobs" and stops at nothing to show off her "jugs".
"Daniella pleeeaaze, you don't even have tits, you're just Fat Chested. If you dropped forty pounds your chest would look like my little brother's back."
by Party Crashers October 11, 2009
A typing error directly caused by the typist having large fat fingers. Are especially prevalent in computers with smaller keys like laptops.
"You know Nancy, that fat chick from accounting? Her quarterly report was riddled with Tubby Typos"
by Party Crashers September 01, 2009
When you ejaculate into an ice cube tray and freeze the contents. Holes are drilled into the ice and the ice cubes (resembling swiss cheese) are placed into undesirables' drinks.
That dumb chick thought she would get pregnant from drinking the Swiss Bliss.
by Party Crashers August 22, 2009
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