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Someone who would rather NOT have everyone on earth get cancer from UV rays, boil to death from global warming, or die from toxic gas left by nukes. This is hard for them to do because people don't seem to care about them.
We showed those environmentalists! Forget the environment! Let it die! Who needs-*Boils to death*
by Party Pooper March 20, 2004
A method of execution involving injecting the individual with several drugs. Some are to make him unconscious and even unaware of his situation, and other drugs are injected to poison him or her to death. This is considered the most "humane" method of execution.
More and more U.S. states use lethal injection to carry out the death penalty.
by Party Pooper May 03, 2005
Windows is an common, popular operating system developed by Microsoft. It comes in many improving versions which are released every 1-4 years. It uses a simple point-and-click graphical interface for easy navigation. Windows can be used both for simple tasks that any newbie could carry out, complex operations involving months of coding and studying, and everything in between. Windows used to be highly unstable and prone to crashes, but they fixed that when they made Windows XP. They also got rid of DOS when they made the XP. Some versions are: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Millenium, and Windows XP.
I used to use Windows 98. It could play my old favorites like DooM, but had a lot of problems and frequent, unexplained errors. I have Windows XP now. I mis DooM but not the errors.
by Party Pooper September 11, 2004
A system of government that is, for all intents and purposes, is fascism in disguise. Like fascists, Communist governments are marked by centralization of authority under a dictator (Joseph Stalin and Kim Jong Il), suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship (Joseph Stalin took over countries and removed leaders he deemed "disloyal"), and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism (No racism, but there sure is nationalism). The equality thing for all is one of the biggest coverups in history.
Without Communism, Joseph Stalin wouldn't have killed 10 million people, nuclear weapons wouldn't be nearly as advanced or dangerous (cold war), no Berlin Wall, no Vietnam or Korean wars, no North Koreans working in factories for $3 a month, etc.
by Party Pooper March 14, 2005
A degradatory and inaccurate definition of the Gamecube. Most commonly used by fanboys. Another reason this loose definition makes no sense is because it is impossible for an inanimate object to have a sexual preference.
Xbox fanboy: I hug my Xbox! It's much better than that Gaycube! It's gay, that's why I hate it!
by Party Pooper December 29, 2003
A commonly used teenage angst phrase.
Angsty teen: OMG, humans suck, but I am one! I must suck! Oh well, time to cut myself while listening to Linkin Park.
by Party Pooper July 12, 2004
I'm kind of 50/50 on gay marriage. On one hand, gays get the same marriage rights as straights; they just choose not to use them. On the other hand, America is the country of freedom and stuff.
I say leave this one up to each state to decide its own gay marriage laws.
by Party Pooper April 02, 2005
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