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2 definitions by Paralex

A slang word, usually used by Puerto Ricans and Dominicans, that means penis or dick or the testicles and the penis as a set. It derives from the word "huevo" which means egg (because eggs symbolize testicles) in Spanish and is purposely misspelled like this.
¡Mira coño, mama un guebo!
by Paralex June 07, 2007
Ansonia, the fucking shittiest town in the world. The school district is poor and they don't cancel school even if there's a blizzard. All the white people think they're black and are ignorant (ignant) motherfuckers. Mostly consisted of n00bs who think that moving your mouse will increase internet speeds. Also, people who incorperate internet speed with the speed of your PC. (Example: Uhh, my computer's so slow! I'm getting DSL soon.)

The only smart people is Justino, Koof, Cameron, Walt, Dave.
- Ansonia, Go Chargers! Woohoo! Yay! - Oh we lost our last game.
- I have spyware on my PC, time to get a new one.
- We all think Windows > Mac, even though we're n00bs.
by Paralex February 18, 2006