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A pseudosophisticated slangism for nasty. Used by the group Shylo
Ooh she did what? that was nastificacious!
by Paradox August 02, 2004
The scum of the internet.
Stop being so lame, you're turning into Gunny_Snipes
People in that chat channel are Gunny_Snipes
You're a good person online, unlike Gunny_Snipes.
by PARADOX May 07, 2004
Some guy that teamkilled me 32 times in CounterStrike:Source
Herkblah was banned.
by Paradox January 24, 2005
A young man that needs more sex and is obssessed with Rammstein and beer (unfortunately).
The guy who is continually trying fuck me.
by Paradox February 15, 2005
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