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The rare combination of the sexually transmitted diseases, Ghonoria, Syphalis, Herpes, and the ever popular AIDS. Also referred to as the jackpot, GhonasyphaherpalAIDS has become a growing problem in some urban populations. GhonasyphaherpalAIDS can be contracted at most social functions and has recently found a new home in the college populations of America. The best way to avoid contracting GonasyphaherpalAIDS is to practice abstinance.
I Really wanted to go home with that chick, but my boy told me that she had GonasyphaherpalAIDS, so i thought better about it.
by Pappa Horace November 07, 2007
Noun. Literally, A Boner Kill is any thing, person, event, or disruption of the 5 senses, that causes one to lose an erection. Boner Kill is also used to refer to any situation which takes a dramatic turn for the worse.
"Dude, last night, I was over at Cheryl's and we were hookin up, everything was normal and good, when outa no where she tells me that she loves me. What a Boner Kill, right?"
friend - "dude it looks like someone hit your car"
friend 2 - "Talk about a Boner Kill"
by Pappa Horace November 07, 2007
The highest possible degree to which one can be Def. The is no higher level possible to which one can be def, therefore mos def is the epitamy of defness. There is only one known person to have achieved a true mos def status, that person, formerly known as Date Terrel Smith, then adopted the name of Mos Def upon pushing through the plateau. This level of deafness is the epitamy of hip hop culture.
At one point in my life, i believed that i could possibly be mos def, unfortunately after further review i realized that i was just a trick ass mark.
by Pappa Horace November 07, 2007

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